Allergies: Behind The Mask

15-17 September 2022
The Elangeni Hotel, Durban

Welcome to ALLSA 2022
Allergies: Behind the Mask

I am very excited to be able to write this letter of invitation and welcome to the upcoming ALLSA 2022 meeting, scheduled for in-person at the Elangeni Hotel, Durban from the 15th-17th September 2022. ALLSA 2022 will be the first get-together of our allergy community of South Africa since the start of the COVID19 global pandemic. I am sure that most of us will be grateful for the opportunity to share a conversation or two with friends and colleagues we have not seen for more than two years, see and interact with a live audience, and share our purpose and passion for allergic patients and their diseases. It will also provide an opportunity to remember and celebrate the lives of members of our allergy community or their families lost to the pandemic.

The COVID19 pandemic has been a devastation, but it has also been a time of huge global scientific endeavour and discovery; with immunology and vaccinology front and centre. Allergists and immunologists have faced unique challenges trying to manage pre-existing chronic allergic diseases or vulnerable populations with inborn errors of immunity. New entities such as COVID19 vaccine allergies or post-COVID19 sequelae now demanding inputs from our discipline. Many of these challenges and new developments will be focal points for ALLSA 2022 presentations.

The theme for ALLSA 2022 is “Allergies: behind the mask”. This is of course an acknowledgment to how we have all been living for the last two years but also speaks to the fact that despite the demands and focus on COVID19, there has been lots of exciting activity in both clinical allergy practice, as well as mechanistic insights and treatment paradigms in immune-based diseases. ALLSA 2022 will be fortunate enough to call on inputs from invited international and local expert speakers. As importantly, we look forward to all of your contributions to make this an unforgettable return to in-person allergy conferencing.

So, get your vaccine protection topped up, bring a mask that we can see behind, make your bookings, and join us for ALLSA 2022.

Jonny Peter
ALLSA 2022 Chair